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What file type should you use for your logo?

Getting your logo onto Facebook can be great for your brand, but you’ve got to make sure you’ve done it right. Here are three easy steps to decide whether you should upload your logo as a PNG or JPEG file.

Let’s let Foxtel show us how it’s not done in two steps. And then, how it only takes one step to get it right.

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[INCORRECT] Step 1 – Upload new profile pic

foxtel smaller logo

Notice the severe artifacting and general blurriness. This is due to the way JPEG is compressed for the web, as seen below.

foxtel artifacting

Or as one Facebook user eloquently pointed out: “Holy JPEG”

holy jpeg comment

[INCORRECT] Step 2 – Make the same logo bigger and upload it again

foxtel logo a little bigger

Notice how this is the same image, just made bigger. Artifacting is still present and it is much more pronounced, as seen below.

zoomed in artifacting pt2

[CORRECT] Step 3 – Save it as a PNG and upload again 

foxtel 3rd try

Much better! Notice the artifacting is almost gone. Clearly this has been saved as a PNG before uploading it to Facebook. So, whether you need a JPEG or a PNG, make sure you’re checking for pixelation first.

And thanks to Foxtel for the lesson in graphic design.

Images courtesy of foxtel

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